• So now that Season 1 of Outcast is over, what are your thoughts about Season 1, comment down below to explain them

    For me, at first, I was really liking it and looking forward to what this season had in store, but as the season went on, I became very disappointed, mainly with the inconsistentsy of airing schedules (like airing only two of your episodes at 10:00 then airing the rest at 1:00 in the morning (at least where I live) to Kyle and Rev. Anderson doing things (at least only two times for both if them) that were really stupid that i feel personally there Comic counterparts would never do, do some of these newly adapted/furtherly adapted sub plots which I had trouble caring about, the finale last night wasn't that disappointing, like the sequence at the place where the Ogden's were taking care of possessed people with Megan, the twist that Amber is also an Outcast, I really liked so i give this seasons a solid 8/10 now what are your thoughts?

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    • I enjoyed the series, I never read the comics so I am just coming from the one perspective which can be a good thing/bad thing(see Game of Thrones). I agree with you about some of the character actions - as a cop, you think you would cover/turn off the car cam; but overall liked the twists and turns.

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    • For the scenes with Kyle and The Rev I had a problem with were

      For Kyle: In Episode 2, that whole subplot with his mom, found it to be cringy, and when he go to talk to Sidney in jail, and how he violently shoved Sidney against the bars, even though Chief Holes is in the next room

      Rev. Anderson: zthe whole sequence at the gathering, and how he reacts to seeing that someone spray painted a pentagram on the statue and when his congregation invites him over to church and Sidneys there and how he reacts to that, ugh

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