"Mercy" is the eighth episode of the second season of Outcast and the eighteenth episode overall.


Kyle faces the mysteries behind his powers. Reverend Anderson finally confronts Sidney as Doctor Park’s plans grow in scale. Megan makes an unlikely friend – one who will prove dangerous. Chief Giles tries to defend himself and his wife from the tide of the possessed in Rome.[1]


Main castEdit

Guest starsEdit


  • Adam Vernier as Officer Tuttle
  • Marguerite Pons as Dot
  • Chris Greene as Oscar
  • Justin Randell Brooke as Young Simon
  • Tian Richards as Teenager
  • David Dwyer as Older Man
  • Jane McNeil as Thin Woman
  • Andrea Andrade as Bar Waitress
  • Cara Mantella as Resident Doctor
  • Austin Owens as 13 Year-Old-Boy
  • Christina Leidel as Housewife
  • Dheeaba Donghrer as Man in PJs


  1. Outcast - Season 2 - Episode Synopses - SpoilerTV

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