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Joshua Austin is a boy who was possessed by a demon. He is the son of Betsy and Roger Austin.


Possessed by a demonEdit

At some point, Joshua was possessed by a demon. The demon became hungry, finding some food in the pantry, but instead proceeding to bite through his finger, shocking the boy's mother. Sometime later while resting in a darkened bedroom, the possessed Joshua was visited by Reverend Anderson. He attempted to exorcise the demon, but he resisted and kicked Betsy in the face. Kyle Barnes was promptly invited over. The demon claimed to recognize him and that he was looking for people like him, calling him an "Outcast". Kyle began speaking, but he was cut off by Joshua jumping up and attacking him. He attempted to transfer himself in to Kyle, but the reverend pulled him away, being knocked away in the process. They took a breather and came back several minutes later. Recalling that light was a demon's weakness, he opened the windows and Joshua hid behind the bed. The two men attempted to get some answers, but the demon fought back. He taunted Kyle before biting him, being burned by the man's blood. Kyle noticed this and dripped some blood in to him. In doing this, the demon was forced to leave Joshua's body, returning the boy to consciousness.[1]

Post exorcismEdit

After realizing Reverend realized he had failed with some exorcisms, Kyle went to visit Joshua to check up on him. The two briefly chatted before Kyle left to pay Reverend a visit.[2]


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Volume 3Edit


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